RedRiver Grayling

The RedRiver Grayling is ideal for family outings and camping adventures, for fishing, river crossings, lakes and backcountry exploration, for light whitewater or if you simply want to save weight and money. 

RedRiver Trout

RedRiver Trout is a cargo extended version of the Grayling. It has load capacity of 230kg therefore suitable for 2 persons with backpacks or common bikerafting.

RedRiver Grayling Light

RedRiver Grayling Light is made of featherweight fabrics. It saves you over 0.5kg of weight in comparison to Grayling. This feature might be crucial in some trips and expeditions.


Red River company was established in 2010. A strong tradition for designing and building inflatable boats and kayaks lead the company on the hype of fresh packrafting wave in 2014 to the creation of new model RedRiver Grayling. A Trout appeared right after, as the long version of the Grayling.  Production capacities of the company are located in Ukraine and distribution centre is in Vienna, Austria.

Our blief is that packrafting is a great adventure, experience that every person shall go through without a doubt.

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